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"Architecture is a combination of technology and imagination"

We are currently working on a number of projects from small residential interiors and design buildings to residential and public buildings with an element of urban planning. We also deal with the current construction in the context of the Czech countryside and the search for a new expression of Czech village architecture.

We like straightforward, a bit playful and at the same time elegant buildings, which with their functionality and comfort support the purpose for which they were created. We enjoy the use of new technologies and materials, work with natural materials, but also a combination of both. We like to move on a thin border, where the old and the new meet. 

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Kontaktní údaje:

Nad Údolím 351/70

147 00 Praha 4 Hodkovičky

IČO: 247 63 845

DIČ: CZ 247 63 845

Sídlo ateliéru:

2. patro

Rytířská 534/13

110 00, Praha 1

+420 605 975 255

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