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The studio uses its experience mainly in the field of complex reconstructions, cultural buildings, and the creation of sophisticated interiors. He contributes design ideas and project management.

Složky bílé složky

administrative worker

In the past, the following also worked with us:   
Eva Schilhart Faberová, Jakub Sedlák, Martin Chudíček, Markéta Jakešová, Julie Plasová, Martin Chudíček, Jan Štorm, Richard Bartík, Petr Gucfa

The following are significantly involved in our projects:

Static office Recoc , Ing. Karel Kosek, Ing. Zbynek Pechan, Ing. Jan Peterek, Ing. Aleš Korinek, Ing. Josef Morcus, Ing. Jaroslav Zuna, Ing. Pavel Coudek, Ing. Lubos Krpata, Ing. Stanislav Jirucha, Martin Sokol and others

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