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December 2020

We are preparing a project for a building permit for the roofing of the north wing, in the area of​​ the Gothic fortress in Hradenín

October 2020

We submitted the detail documentation for the entrance building to the Open-air museum in Kouřim.

September 2020

According to our design, a late Baroque sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk is being built in the Open-air museum  in I smoke. Builder: ak. soch. a rest. Jaroslav Jelínek Archkaso

August 2020


We submitted  detail project for the repair of a house from the 19th century, in the area of​​ a Gothic fortress in Hradenín.

In Prague, Baba, under our leadership, is undergoing a complete transformation of the villa for its relaxed habitability in today's world. The implementation includes, among other things, a new facade, a glass pergola and a complete interior design for the house.


July 2020

We are preparing the repair of the facade, refurbishment of windows and grilles and solutions for the dehumidification of the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Broumov

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