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Entrance building for Kouřim open-air Museum

detail documentation 2020


Irena Hrabincová Dipl. Arch., Ing. arch. Tomáš Pavlík, Ksenia Liutenko, Markéta Jakešová

structural engineer: RECOC s.r.o.- Zbyněk Pechan

In 2019 and 2020, the entrance building to the museum of folk buildings in Kouřim was redesigned, based on the investor's requirements. The building is now fighting for a building permit
The main mass of the entrance building is conceived as a "modern barn". It is partly set on a slope along the access road. Its volume and proportions are based on traditional farm buildings of folk architecture. The entrance building thus represents a kind of modern "barn", the location of which away from the main area respects the traditional location of farm buildings in the Czech countryside and also, due to visual separation from the historical exhibits of the open-air museum, allows the location of modern facilities required by current museum operations without the historical character of the area was disturbed.
The building is designed as a compact mass of a modern barn. The facade of the building is made of both gables and wooden cladding. From the east side, the facade is partly sunk into the surrounding terrain, the surface of the above-ground part is made of ceramic brick. Adjacent to the eastern facade is a shelter for garbage cans, covered with expanded metal and a heat pump. The west facade is glazed and thus opens the interior outwards to the courtyard and to the path leading further to the open-air museum. The roof of the building is thatched.

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